Misericordia University, PA

ATT Sports prides itself on partnering with the best people in the business, which is exactly what happened when we replaced the running track at Pennsylvania’s Misericordia University. Working alongside the folks at Miller Flooring Sports Construction, the project called for a complete removal and replacement of the existing track. When the removal revealed some…

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Gateway High School, PA

The stadium facilities at Gateway High School in Western Pennsylvania rival that of some colleges. So when the Gators were looking to resurface their running track, they wanted the latest and greatest in terms of installations. Working closely with ATT Sports, the school decided to step up an add colored exchange zones, adding a splash…

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Marple Newtown High School, PA

Good as new! A complete removal and replacement isn’t the only way to breathe life back into a running track. In fact, respraying a track is part of the normal life cycle. Marple Newtown High School in Pennsylvania is a prime example of what a resrpay can do. The Fighting Tigers totally revamped their stadium…

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