Springfield Twp. High School (Delaware County), PA

Good things come to those who wait, and in this case, it’s the student-athletes at Springfield Township High School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania who waited years for their new high school to be built. The wait is over though, and when they aren’t roaming the halls of their new school, they can use the new running track ATT Sports installed in 2020.

The nearly 6,000 square yard Rainbow Blue running track is just part of the Cougars’ new digs, the planning for which dates back to 2009. However, the new Rekortan M “sandwich system” track will last well past 2030!

With any project this large, the list of partners to thank is quite long. Among those ATT Sports worked in concert with are; E.R. Stuebner – the general contractor for the entire project – and Schrader Group, who was responsible for the plans and specifications for the new stadium.