Palmerton High School, PA

The Blue Bombers demand nothing but the best, so they are now the owners of APT’s top-of-the-line Rekortan┬áM99 track system. At 7,360 square yards, this was one of the largest tracks ATT Sports built in 2017, and with the M99 system consisting of three distinct layers, it was quite the undertaking. But with the help…

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Central High School, PA

Even the best-laid plans can come unraveled once the work begins on a project, and that’s precisely what happened when ATT Sports came to Central High School for what was supposed to be a mill-and-pave and a new Spurtan BV installation. Once the milling began, it became clear the remaining asphalt could not support a…

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Thiel College, PA

The Tomcats were without a running track of their own until ATT Sports was able to add an eight-lane, Spurtan BV complete with a fully paved D-zone and javelin runway at Tomcat Park on the Greenville, Pa., campus. When the initial plans came in over budget, we worked with the school, architect and general contractor…

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