Germantown Friends School, PA

It’s a common question we are asked when inspecting an existing track; can we change the color?

The answer to Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia was a resounding “yes!”

The Tigers had an existing track, installed by ATT Sports. When the need arose for some repairs and a good look at the conditions, it was decided a full resurface was the best option. Then comes the famous question about colors. Working closely with the school, we discussed the different options for colors, including the latest trend in track design, colored exchange zones.

Germantown Friends boasts a proud athletic tradition and wanted a facility to match. The decision for navy blue and orange was made, and the result speaks for itself. The added encapsulation layer will help ensure the track looks as good today as it will years from now.

We cannot be happier to have partnered with Germantown Friends School twice now, a testament to the work we did when the track was originally installed and how it helped up overt he years. We look forward to helping the Tigers maintain what is possibly the best looking running track in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.