Kennett High School, PA

When talking to schools about their running tracks and suggesting a resurface, aka “over pour” we’re often told “we don’t want a band aid fix, we want this to last.”

Resurfacing, however, is NOT a band aid. Resurfacing a running track at the right time and when the track is in the proper condition will breathe as much life back into the track as when it was first built. As ATT Sports, we have resurfaced multiple collegiate tracks, including those at the NCAA Division I level. At the high school level, that list is vast.

One such track is at Kennett High School in scenic Kennett Square, Pa. ATT Sports partnered with architectural firm Architerra. The project called for an over pour of the existing track, which we initially installed in 2007, putting it right in line with the 10-12-year window for an embedded track surface to get a fresh coat.

The process is essentially the same as installing the top course of a brand new embedded track. We clean and prep as needed, then pour liquid polyurethane onto the existing surface. EPDM rubber granules are broadcast into the liquid and the excess is swept up, leaving a roughly 5mm tour course.

Resurfaced tracks look, feel and perform like a new track, which the student-athletes at Kennett are learning now.