Oil City High School, PA

Tucked into the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania is the small town of Oil City. Aptly named due to the discovery of oil in the area dating back to the 1860’s and full of unique history, the town is home to the Oil City Oilers. The school’s stadium even features a replica oil derrick to pay homage to the area’s history.

When you have installed hundreds and hundreds of running tracks throughout the Northeast, you’re bound to happen upon some historic sites, and ATT Sports appreciates the unique story behind every site where we work. We know that every project deserves an attention to detail and dedication to safe, quality work. That doesn’t mean the finished product can’t be easy on the eyes though.

Celebrating its rich history with a nod to the latest in track design trends, the Oilers opted for a two-tone track when it was resurfaced in the summer of 2021. The old track was a traditional “terracotta red,” but it was changed to black with three blue exchange zones for a sophisticated, yet modern aesthetic. The relay zones were extended to 30 meters to comply with the latest NFHS and PIAA rules and a new all-weather javelin runway was also added, giving Oil City one of the top track and field facilities in the area.

We want to thank the district for partnering with ATT Sports to work on this project, as well a Shaw Sports Turf, who installed the turf field.