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ATT Sports is the preeminent running track installer in the Northeast, trusted by hundreds of universities and collegiate track and field programs.

Commitment to quality, service and safety proven over decades

Knowledge is gained through experience, and with more than 500 projects completed, ATT Sports is the most trusted name in running track surfacing in the Northeast. We are in the best position to carefully choose our polyurethane partner, and we choose Advanced Polymer Technology.

The quality of the product always comes first, and APT is a proven leader in athletic surfacing the world over. But we also choose APT because the combination of outstanding logistics and competitive pricing allow ATT Sports to keep their promise to customers and deliver the world’s best track surfaces, on time, at the right price, and safely.

Our dedicated and experience crews prefer APT products, ensuring consistent quality from job to job, and helping us complete projects in tight timeframes with flexibility to handle complications from outside factors, like the weather.
If you want to know more about the line of products we install, what is best for your project and why we choose APT, contact us today.

Among the top collegiate programs who trust ATT Sports with their running tracks are, University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Princeton University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, Ohio University, University of Buffalo, Rowan University, Merrimack College, and many others.

“I feel that out of all the tracks which I have competed on that the Rekortan tracks at Baylor and Stuttgart are the best, both for training and competition, that I have run on in my career.”

- Michael Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist ‘92, ‘96, ‘00

A manufacturer we trust

About Advanced Polymer Technology

APT is a global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings, and synthetic turf. From Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, APT provides people around the world with safe, reliable, high performance athletic surfaces and protective coatings.

Research and development is undertaken by their team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required to assist athletes in performing at their very best. Each day we put our full commitment, expertise, and passion into providing sports facilities and athletes with the perfect surface.

Designed for the current day athlete, APT’s renowned Rekortan track system is a diverse, world class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance. The Rekortan debut in 1969 revolutionized the track world with quality and innovation, forever crowning our systems as “the fast tracks”. More than four decades have passed and the Rekortan name continues a tradition of excellence, representing the most technologically advanced running surfaces in the world.