The cure for faded lane lines

Staying in your lane is pretty important during a track meet, but if the lines have faded over time, that task might not be as easy as you’d think. Depending on the type of surface, use and weather factors, the striping of your running track can fade, causing confusion for runners, at least a less-than-pleasing…

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A splash of color?

School pride is important, and the colors run deep in many communities and athletic programs. But is the running track the right place for a swath of pigment on campus? Possibly; but there are factors to consider. First; red and black rubber are the most UV stable, hence the overwhelming majority of tracks come in…

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Cooperative purchasing – Right on track

You can be in charge of the entire purchasing process for your next running track by working through a cooperative purchasing organization. Schools can save time and money by piggybacking on a contract that has already been publicly awarded. ATT Sports has worked with dozens of schools from various states through cooperative purchasing. From repairs…

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