Parsippany Hills High School, NJ

Representatives from Parsippany Hills High School in Northern New Jersey first came to ATT Sports for track repairs. There were areas of delamination and the standard scuffs and patches. But there were also some concerning cracks in the asphalt in front of the home stands. Some remediation could be done to get the Vikings through…

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Misericordia University, PA

ATT Sports prides itself on partnering with the best people in the business, which is exactly what happened when we replaced the running track at Pennsylvania’s Misericordia University. Working alongside the folks at Miller Flooring Sports Construction, the project called for a complete removal and replacement of the existing track. When the removal revealed some…

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Derby High School, CT

Derby High School in Connecticut underwent a massive transformation in 2019. The Red Raiders now have some of the best sports facilities in the state, including all new baseball and softball fields, a college-level field house and new turf. Of course, there’s also a brand new running track as well. ATT Sports installed a new…

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