Paulsboro High School, NJ

Pound for pound, few schools can claim the athletic accomplishments that Paulsboro High School in Southern New Jersey can.

The Red Raiders have excelled in almost every sport, and for decades, making the small school one that is long feared on the playing field. In the summer of 2021, ATT Sports was fortunate to be hand-selected by the district to improve on the athletic facilities, bringing the running track around the storied football field back up to speed.

The rehabilitation was no small task. The entire track needed to be removed and the asphalt below needed to be milled and repaved. Additional work was needed to ensure the track drained properly and was able to be certified at 400 meters and competitions could be held there.

Paulsboro opted for a red Rekortan M “sandwich system” track that will serve the school for a decade or more with little to no maintenance. It also represents a major step up from the type of surfacing that used to be in place, meaning the student-athletes and community members now have a world-class running surface to use daily.