Everett Area High School, PA

Talk about an upgrade! The track at Everett Area High School in Central Pennsylvania sat for years a little worse for the wear. The black latex surface was past its prime, leaving a surface with cracks and exposed asphalt. Looking for an upgrade, the district turned to ATT Sports. We partnered with New Enterprise to…

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Delaware State University

A special school deserves a special running track, and that’s exactly what we gave the Hornets of Delaware State University in the summer of 2018. Along with a total turf field replacement courtesy of our friends at Astroturf, ATT Sports installed a brand new, cutting-edge Rekortan G10 track, complete with an encapsulation layer. Delaware State…

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North Middlesex High School, MA

Some things are worth the wait, and the track at North Middlesex High School in Massachusetts is one of those things. Since the new athletic facility was part of a brand new school construction project, building it took longer than most expected. At the time of this post, the new turf field is still under…

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