Hackettstown High School, NJ

Hackettstown High School’s school colors really shine in the month of October, but it was the old running track that was beginning to get a little scary.

In the summer of 2022, ATT Sports removed the Tigers’ existing black latex running track that was cracking, wearing away and provided very little in terms of comfort when training. The new surface, a two-tone Rekortan M, was installed in its place, giving Hackettstown’s student-athletes, and the surrounding community, a far superior surface to use every day, and one that’s fits perfectly in the spooky season motif.

The North Jersey High School boasts plenty of athletic history, including track teams that are perennially contenders. Now those runners will be handing off the batons in custom orange exchange zones, surrounded by black surfacing. New turf by Shaw Sports will really make the facility pop aesthetically, when its completed.