Bensalem High School, PA

Bensalem High School’s legendary track and field program had been excelling despite training every day and hosting events at a facility that was, at best, out of date.

ATT Sports, with the help of Schlouch Incorporated, remedied that in the summer of 2021, in a project that left the school just north of Philadelphia with one of the most technologically advanced running tracks in the Northeast, and the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Replacing the mat and spray track system that was installed more than 20 years prior, the Owls are now the owners of a cutting-edge Rekortan G13 running track, which uses a revolutionary plant-based polyurethane as the base course with a traditional wearing course of polyurethane and EPDM rubber.

While ATT Sports has installed more than a dozen such tracks throughout the Northeast and beyond, Bensalem is first high school in the Keystone State to own one. In addition to being eco-friendly, the plant-based gel is hydrophobic, meaning moisture cannot penetrate the track surfacing in any way. The track meets the same stringent World Athletics performance standards as those at elite track and field venues all around the world as well.

This project was about more than just getting the Owls a fantastic new running surface. The runways and high jump area were moved and reconfigured to ensure they met the standards set by the American Sports Builders Association. The result is an entire facility built to the standards set by the outstanding student-athletes that have made Bensalem’s track and field programs among the most respected throughout the state, and it will be that way for a long time.