Ranney School, NJ

The Ranney School is among the top private schools in the Northeast, so when it came time to replace the running track on the 61-acre Monmouth County, NJ, campus, nothing short of the highest quality, eye-popping design would suffice.

That’s how the Panthers ended up with a custom Steel Blue and Light Grey track, which ATT Sports installed in the summer of 2021. The new Rekortan M “sandwich system” track was completed with an encapsulation layer, giving the students at Ranney a beautiful track that will serve the campus for more than the next decade.

Working in a tight window and against material delays that plagued the industry, ATT Sports was still able to complete the new track at Ranney without disrupting the summer camp and training schedule. Of course, this wasn’t the first time ATT Sports has worked on the Panthers’ track. The original red “mat and spray” that served the campus for the previous eight years was installed by ATT Sports as well.

We are honored to keep Ranney on the ATT Sports reference list.