Hawthorne High School, NJ

In the summer of 2018, ATT Sports completely renovated the running track at Hawthorne High School in Northern New Jersey. The Bears were running on a black latex surface with undulations and very little cushion for the athletes. Repair work had also resulted in unsightly patches, clearly unbecoming of such a highly regarded school. The…

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Williamstown High School, NJ

We are honored to install tracks at any school, but it’s truly special to be able to work at the same school multiple times. In 2009, ATT Sports built a track at Williamstown High School, specifically, a blue mat and spray system. This past summer, we were able to give the Braves a new track…

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Northern Highlands High School, NJ

Northern Highlands High School, near the New Jersey/New York border, has plenty to brag about with a proud athletic and academic tradition. But the new running track ATT Sports installed in the summer of 2018 gives the Highlanders a new feather in their cap – it is the first and only school in New Jersey…

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