Sayreville High School, NJ

The introduction of turf fields completed changed the layout of many high school stadiums. Sayreville High School, for instance, installed turf more than a decade ago, and in the process, introduced new D-zones with track surfacing beyond each endzone. But at the time of installation, the oval was left the same. So, the Bombers ran…

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Parsippany Hills High School, NJ

Representatives from Parsippany Hills High School in Northern New Jersey first came to ATT Sports for track repairs. There were areas of delamination and the standard scuffs and patches. But there were also some concerning cracks in the asphalt in front of the home stands. Some remediation could be done to get the Vikings through…

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Phillipsburg High School, NJ

When upgrading to an artificial turf field, many schools can be left with a bit of a dilemma. Their existing running track might be in good enough shape to need just a resurface, but the runways and event areas are being completely replaced, creating the need for ground-up track surfacing. A school should want the…

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