Millville High School, NJ

The field and running track at Millville High School in South Jersey sit on the same site they have for generations, but the summer of 2023 saw the fabled site of Wheaton Field received a well-deserved makeover.

From reconfigured grandstands to a brand new, Thunderbolt blue and orange running track, new turf, new entryway, sidewalks and parking; the stadium is hardly even recognizable – in a great way.

ATT Sports was honored to not just install the track at Millville, but to work closely with the architect and engineer overseeing the project from the design phase through completion. We ensured the design would not just meet all of the Thunderbolts’ needs, but also conform to all applicable American Sports Builders Association guidelines. Running tracks have strict guidelines for slope, and all elevations on the site are tied to those guidelines. Since the former track had a reverse slope and just a 5-lane oval, the change to a properly sloped, conforming track was no small task.

We would like to thank everyone at Millville Public Schools for selecting ATT Sports for the project and entrusting us to serve as a sounding board on so many aspect of the project. We would also like to thank Remington & Vernick Engineers for working in concert with ATT Sports from the early stages of the project, on. The complete overhaul of the facility was done in time for Millville’s elite football team to use their new field for the 2023 season.

The track at Millville isn’t just visually appealing. The Rekortan M “sandwich system” track will serve the student-athletes for a decade or more, and given the success of the track programs in Millville, it’s sure to see plenty of incredible accomplishments.