Gill St. Bernard’s, NJ

An elite private school nestled in Northern New Jersey’s rolling hills, Gill St. Bernard’s has high standards for everything it does, including its athletic facilities. So, when it came time for the school to replace its badly worn running track, officials hand-selected ATT Sports for the work, entrusting the company responsible for the track surfacing at elite institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University.

The result speaks for itself.

The Knights are now the proud owners of a custom blue and grey “sandwich system” running track, perfectly complimenting the school’s upscale campus with a slash of school colors. The new track replaces the old blue “mat and spray” that served the school for years, but the newly installed surfacing by ATT Sports will last more than a decade before it can be resurfaced.

In addition to the new surfacing, the asphalt base was milled and repaved, with additional width added to ensure a 400-meter track with full-sized lanes would safely fit. We worked closely with the school to ensure the design and striping fit the needs for the entire student body, which goes from preschool through 12th grade, and we look forward to seeing what the student-athletes at Gill will accomplish on their new track!