Hackensack High School, NJ

In the summer of 2023, ATT Sports was awarded the contract to rebuild the running track at Hackensack High School in Northern New Jersey. The project was overseen by DMR Architects, and we leaned on Halecon’s expert paving operation for that work.

The end result is a stunning, first-class sandwich system running track in the Comets’ dark blue and Vegas Gold. Another testament that a great running track can look great but also perform and last a long time.

The projects called for constant communication between the district, the architect and ATT Sports, along with a consolidated schedule designed to allow the school to hold a graduation ceremony during the process so the entire project would be completed in time to return activity to the turf field encircled by the new track.

As we neared completion, there was a reminder that the athletic facilities we build mean so much to the communities that use them. During a walkthrough, an assistant coach on the track said, “I never thought we would have something like this in Hackensack.”

It was an honor and a pleasure to be the company that provided the track that we know will be so well used and appreciated by the student-athletes of Hackensack and the community as a whole.

The track was dedicated to former coach Ed Church, who now has his name proudly emblazoned on the home stretch in white and Vegas Gold.