Penns Manor High School, PA

The running track at Penns Manor High School in Millersville, Pa., was ready for an upgrade in the summer of 2019.

The year before the school installed a new turf field for the Comets, but the track remained untouched. The school had an older “mat and spray” track with a base mat and spray-applied wearing course of rubber and liquid polyurethane. Simply respraying the wearing course was an option, but the home stretch of the four-lane track had undulations in it, and there was a seam left between the track and the new concrete curb installed along with the new turf.

So the school opted for an “over pour” or “resurface.” Essentially, ATT Sports would convert the track to a “sandwich system” track with an embedded surface. A resurface is a 5mm system, and the poured liquid polyurethane can be used to cover up or “fix” many imperfections in an existing track, like the undulations. It also allows us to bridge the gap between the existing track and the newly installed curbing, closing off a potential problem area where water could sit, then freeze and thaw.

After a couple of weeks of work, Penns Manor didn’t just have a track that’s as good as new, it’s better.