Spring Grove High School, PA

At many schools, the running track is more than just a place for athletes to train before meets. It’s a community gathering spot, part of the ambiance of Friday Night football, and in Spring Gove, Pa., home to the Unified Track and Field team.

The school is partnered with the Pennsylvania Special Olympics to offer a fully inclusive program for athletes of any and all abilities. These programs provide opportunities to students who might otherwise not be able to compete. They also provide opportunities for students and athletes at the school to work with other kids and learn valuable lessons in the process. While Spring Grove is not alone in offering Unified Track and Field, the program is one of the many reasons ATT Sports was honored to be selected in the summer of 2020 to resurface the running track.

Turf Track & Court provided the design work and oversight for the project and Sprinturf installed the new turf field for the Rockets. The existing track was in good enough shape to be resurfaced rather than replaced. The school also opted for a black track, which makes for an entire facility that’s as easy on the eyes as it will be great for the athletes to use.

The track should last Spring Grove well into the next decade, which is a lot of fast times, great marks and plenty of memories for every student and athlete at the school.