Marple Newtown High School, PA

Good as new!

A complete removal and replacement isn’t the only way to breathe life back into a running track. In fact, respraying a track is part of the normal life cycle. Marple Newtown High School in Pennsylvania is a prime example of what a resrpay can do.

The Fighting Tigers totally revamped their stadium in 2017 with new turf, and the track needed to be addressed as well. In place was a mat-and-spray track that held up well, but the permeable surface needs a new wearing course after about seven years. The respray process is the same as applying the top course when the track in initially installed. A mixture of liquid polyurethane and rubber granules is spray applied in two layers. The result is wearing course of just a few millimeters, but it’s strong and provides great texture for runners in all conditions. It also makes the track look brand new!

Anyone who visits Marple Newtown High School’s stadium is blown away by the turf, complete with a 30-yard-wide tiger logo in the center of the field. A freshly coated track is just the icing on the cake for the aesthetics there, and the runners certainly couldn’t be happier with some new rubber under their feet.