Clayton High School, NJ

The spring of 2021 was a very good one for student-athletes at Clayton High School in the small South Jersey town. Both the girls’ and boys’ track and field teams won Sectional AND State titles – with the softball team also winning a state title.

Just weeks after both track teams established themselves as among the best in New Jersey, the Clippers also had their track resurfaced.

The current surfacing at Clayton was pushing 10 years old, about the longest you want a “mat and spray” to go before reapplying the wearing course. This process is simply called a “respray” and it brings the surfacing back to the condition it was in when it was first installed. The process adds resiliency and texture that make it better to run on, but it also helps keep the track structurally sound so it can last as long as possible before needing a full replacement.

Our hope is the like-new track propels the Clippers to even more standout performances, fast times and championships.