University of Pennsylvania

One of the most prestigious running venues in North America, the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field has hosted the Penn Relays Carnival since 1985. The top runners from around the world, elite college teams, hundreds of high schools and more all compete in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans. ATT Sports was trusted…

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Girard College, PA

The campus of historic Girard College in Philadelphia is known for its stunning architecture. The Greek-inspired buildings are fit for the highly selective school, which dates back to 1984. So any time a company can build something on the grounds of the school, it’s a honor. That honor was bestowed upon ATT Sports in the…

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Everett Area High School, PA

Talk about an upgrade! The track at Everett Area High School in Central Pennsylvania sat for years a little worse for the wear. The black latex surface was past its prime, leaving a surface with cracks and exposed asphalt. Looking for an upgrade, the district turned to ATT Sports. We partnered with New Enterprise to…

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