University of Pennsylvania

One of the most prestigious running venues in North America, the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field has hosted the Penn Relays Carnival since 1985. The top runners from around the world, elite college teams, hundreds of high schools and more all compete in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans. ATT Sports was trusted…

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Newark High School, NY

Schools often ask what they can do with their running track to make it stand out or look like their own, different than the track at a rival school. The recent trend in track design has been to offer exchange zones in different colors. This is a cost-effective, highly attractive way for a school to…

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Phillipsburg High School, NJ

When upgrading to an artificial turf field, many schools can be left with a bit of a dilemma. Their existing running track might be in good enough shape to need just a resurface, but the runways and event areas are being completely replaced, creating the need for ground-up track surfacing. A school should want the…

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