College of the Holy Cross, Ma.

Perched atop a hill overlooking Worcester, Mass., boasting a long and proud academic and athletic history, College of the Holy Cross demands nothing but the best with everything it does. So when it came time to resurface the running track and field hockey field at the Hart Field and Hart Track complex, the Crusaders turned to ATT Sports, R.A.D. Sports and Astroturf.

Working with design and oversight by JJA Sports (which which ATT Sports partnered at both University of Pennsylvania and the ASBA award-winning project at Danbury High School), the project called for the track to be repaired and resurfaced with the Rekortan RT system, with the school opting for a two-tone surface with the exchange zones accentuated in the school’s Royal Purple. The turf was replaced by Astroturf with the E-layer below being brought back to spec as well.

The end result is an aesthetically stunning facility that is also of the highest quality and will serve the Crusaders for the next decade for more.