Get your track ready for its closeup

It’s a common question we get asked a lot as a specialized track surfacing installer, “What kind of maintenance do we need to keep up on?”

Unlike artificial turf, which needs to be groomed and cleaned, tracks typically don’t require much “upkeep.” You respray or resurface the track, but that’s more on par with a full turf replacement than “maintenance.” The lines and markings can be repainted too, but even that is more of a choice. Same with cleaning the track. Yes, you most certainly can clean your track, and yes, we can most certainly do it for you.

Not all tracks will require a cleaning during their lifetimes, but many could use it at one point or another. Tracks located closer to trees and bushes are more likely to need to be cleaned at one point. Tracks around natural grass fields are also more likely to need a cleaning.

Most of the time, the dark staining that can be cleaned from tracks is organic material. Spills could require specific types of cleaning or even repairs – which ATT Sports can help with too. But for a track that’s just dirty, a simple power wash can be the answer. Owners of tracks are able to power wash their tracks, adhering to the maintenance manual they’re given upon completion of the installation. But ATT Sports is happy to provide pricing for our crews to come clean your track using our specialized equipment.

Typically, a 6-lane track can be effectively cleaned in just a couple of days. Couple a cleaning with a full restripe and you can count on your track having work done for just a week, but emerging looking good as new!

ATT Sports is happy to offer cleaning services, and we can provide a proposal for just washing or washing and relining the track. If your track is structurally sound but in need a some aesthetic touch ups, we have your solutions.

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