Newark High School, NY

Schools often ask what they can do with their running track to make it stand out or look like their own, different than the track at a rival school. The recent trend in track design has been to offer exchange zones in different colors. This is a cost-effective, highly attractive way for a school to…

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Bloomfield High School, NY

Building running tracks is a weather-dependent undertaking, and our project at Bloomfield High School in Upstate New York served as another reminder of that. Surfacing can’t be installed unless temperatures are 50 degrees and rising because the polyurethane will take too long to cure in cooler weather. Mother nature wasn’t cooperative late fall of 2016…

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Kenmore East High School, NY

Historic Adams Field outside Buffalo received a massive face lift between 2016 and 2017, and ATT Sports wrapped the new turf field with a brand new “sandwich system” embedded polyurethane running track. The beautiful facility, named for coaching legend “Sparky” Adams, finally completely opened in 2017 after unfavorable weather held up various stages of the…

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