Bloomfield High School, NY

Building running tracks is a weather-dependent undertaking, and our project at Bloomfield High School in Upstate New York served as another reminder of that.

Surfacing can’t be installed unless temperatures are 50 degrees and rising because the polyurethane will take too long to cure in cooler weather. Mother nature wasn’t cooperative late fall of 2016 when ATT Sports began work at Bloomfield, and cool weather forced a stop to the project after the base mat had been paved. We would be unable to return with favorable weather until the following spring, but the Bombers needed their track before that.

So we striped it up for them!

The base mat that makes the foundation for “sandwich” and “mat and spray” systems is an NFHS-approved track system itself. To buy time until we could return, ATT Sports gave Bloomfield a full set of striping, then we returned in the summer to complete the wearing course and stripe it again! The finished product is complete with giant lettering in each D-zone, and the track team was never without their home facility!