Danbury High School, CT

When you have one of the best track and field programs in the Northeast, your track should match. At Danbury High School in Connecticut, now it does. ATT Sports built a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge running track for the Hatters in 2019. It was a huge project with plenty of people to thank for getting it…

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Ledyard High School, CT

Working with trusted partners always makes for the best projects, and that’s just what happened at Ledyard High School in Southeastern Connecticut. ATT Sports was selected to install a Spurtan BS “mat and spray” track as part of a facility renovation that included new asphalt and new turf. Design and project management was handled by…

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Plumb Hill Playing Fields/Litchfield High School, CT

The student-athletes at Litchfield High School in Connecticut compete in a handful of sports at the Plumb Hill Playing Fields, which sit adjacent to the school’s campus. The area, which is funded by a dedicated community group, houses four fields and an eight-lane running track. In the summer of 2020, it was time for the…

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