Derby High School, CT

Derby High School in Connecticut underwent a massive transformation in 2019. The Red Raiders now have some of the best sports facilities in the state, including all new baseball and softball fields, a college-level field house and new turf. Of course, there’s also a brand new running track as well.

ATT Sports installed a new Spurtan BV “mat and spray” system that will look great and perform for the better part of the next decade.

With a project this large, coordination was key. We worked alongside Astroturf, who installed the new turf field, and under the direction of Kaestle Boos, the engineer and architect on the project. Coordinating the installation of the turf along with the tracks new sub base and asphalt required constant coordination between contractors, the school and the architects overseeing the process. All of this was also being built on a small site, making logistics a challenge as well.

The end result is a campus many small colleges would envy.