Are you gel-ous of other running tracks? Eco-friendly track the surface of the future

What if we told you, you could have a running track that lasts as long as any surface on the market, performs to the highest standards and is also environmentally friendly? Sounds exciting? Too good to be true?

It’s true, and it’s competitively priced!

ATT Sports is proud to be a preeminent installer of Advance Polymer Technology’s G10 and G13 gel-based track systems. In 2018 alone, we will add four more schools to the quickly list of gel installations, including premier facilities at Delaware State University, Montreat College (N.C.) and Northern Highlands High School (N.J.).

The G-series track systems utilized a mixture of plant extracts and enzymes that’s mixed with SBR rubber to form a base that’s 88 percent recycled or renewable. The same embedded surface from the immensely popular Spurtan BV “sandwich” system and top-of-the-line M99 system is then added on top. The result is a track that will perform to almost any standard, but is still environmentally friendly.

ATT Sports’ first total gel installation was a G13 at Jersey City’s Lincoln Park. We have also used G-series material at four schools in Prince George’s County (Md.) and at Central Bucks West (Pa.).

Since the two-lift systems consist of a base layer requiring minimum broadcast rubber, gel-based tracks can provided added value in the form of an accelerated installation schedule compared to other premier systems.