A plea; please don’t plow your track

It’s tempting, we know. You have a running track, you have snow, the logical step is to remove that snow with a plow. Unfortunately, it’s significantly more likely that you will cause damage your track than clear it for some winter workouts. The the risk of damaging the track is far too great when dragging…

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You love to see it

ATT Sports is a company that installs a product that can last well over a decade, and most schools have just one running track. We stand by our work and the products we choose to install, but building running tracks doesn’t come with the same constant customer-supplier relationship after the work is completed that companies…

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Is your track compliant with new exchange zone rules?

Unless your track was installed and painted in 2019, the answer to that question is most likely “no.” But don’t fret. Your track is fine, and it can be used exactly as it sits with the current markings, it could just use an update to fully comply. The NFHS changed the exchange zone distance in…

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