Pascack Valley High School, NJ

Pascack Valley High School in Northern New Jersey has long had a reputation for producing standout students and athletes, and now the school has a running track that’s a standout in its own way.

The school became just the second in New Jersey with a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly gel-based running track. The running surface itself is the same as so many of the premier installations ATT Sports has done throughout the the state, but below the surface of the revolutionary Rekortan G13 is a plant-based gel designed to provide the perfect balance of cushion and support along with superior durability.

The gel that makes up the base of the track is 88 percent recycled or renewable material, and its special properties ensures the longest possible lifespan of any track material on the market.

So, why did Pascack Valley opt for its special track? The school has always provided outstanding facilities for its student-athletes. The previous track was a Mondo surface, but it had reached the point in its lifespan that it was quickly deteriorating. ATT Sports was asked to replace the Mondo surfacing, which required a complete removal along with milling and repaving the asphalt base.

For this project, ATT Sports turned to trusted partner Halecon to expertly demo and replace the asphalt. ENV provided excellent project management and everyone with the high school and in the district worked closely with ATT Sports to ensure a safe, quality install, all while working around COVID-19 protocols and constantly changing schedules.