Delaware State University

A special school deserves a special running track, and that’s exactly what we gave the Hornets of Delaware State University in the summer of 2018.

Along with a total turf field replacement courtesy of our friends at Astroturf, ATT Sports installed a brand new, cutting-edge Rekortan G10 track, complete with an encapsulation layer.

Delaware State is the only college in the Northeast with a gel-based running track. The eco-friendly gel meets all IAAF performance standards in most conditions and is approved for NCAA and NFHS use, meaning the Hornets – an NCAA Division I program – can host any meet they want at their refurbished Alumni Field.

While we like to brag about the speed of our tracks, this is one install where we need to concede the “fastest track in town” award to the one across the street – Dover International Raceway. For those running on two feet, however, the track at Delaware State is as beautiful and great to run on as they come.