Precision matters, accuracy matters

ATT Sports is proud to be one of the only track installers in the country with an in-house striper

ATT Sports joined forces with ProTrak to bring more than 40 years of striping experience directly to customers

When it comes to track and field, a hundredth of a second can make all the difference in the world. Striping requires equal precision. There is zero tolerance for mistakes and sloppy work. If a track is an inch short of 400 meters, it’s not a legal track.

It’s with this need for precision in mind that ATT Sports brought on an in-house striper, acquiring ProTrak in 2019. From the design stage to the final layer of paint, ATT Sports is better equipped to complete a track installation than any other company.

In addition to getting the job done right, ProTrak’s experience allows ATT Sports to stripe tracks with greater efficiency than other companies. This saves the end user money and allows athletes to get back to work faster.

“Before joining ATT Sports, ProTrak painted thousands of running tracks throughout the country. It’s a process in which experience is invaluable, and few people have more of it than our guys.”

– Tony Cunningham, President of ATT Sports

Added value of being in-house

Since ATT Sports controls the installation process through the final striping, we can work with you on special touches and specific needs for your track. From custom colors to unique events, we are able to provide a customized look and feel to your track while meeting all World Athletics (formerly IAAF), NCAA or NFHS standards.

Brand new tracks or repainting, ATT Sports is prepared to help right away with our in-house striping.

Ready for a fresh coat of paint?

Is your track in good shape but the markings could use some refreshing? ATT Sports is happy to provide quotes for restriping.

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