Williamstown High School, NJ

We are honored to install tracks at any school, but it’s truly special to be able to work at the same school multiple times.

In 2009, ATT Sports built a track at Williamstown High School, specifically, a blue mat and spray system. This past summer, we were able to give the Braves a new track once again, replacing the old one with an upgraded Spurtan BV “sandwich system.”

This time around, there was more work to be done. The scope of work required the old surface to be removed and the underlying asphalt to be milled and repaved. The work, engineered by Federici and Akin, was aided by All Surface Asphalt Paving, who gave us a perfect base of asphalt on which to build our track.

Williamstown has a proud athletic tradition across nearly every sport in which they compete, and we are honored to, again, be a part of the Braves community and supply them with a small piece of their campus.