Waccamaw, Georgetown, Andrews and Carvers Bay high schools, South Carolina

When ATT Sports added the 17th  to the list of states where we have worked, we did it with a bang.

In 2018, we installed four, yes FOUR, running tracks outside Myrtle Beach, SC. All four received brand new red Spurtan BV “sandwich systems” that will perform as good as they look and last a decade or longer. We’ve now built six tracks between North and South Carolina, with Campbell University and Montreat College also in the portfolio.

Working at four sites so far from our home base in Berlin, NJ, requires logistics expertise that is one of the hallmarks of ATT Sports. We had to work with other contractors on-site, handling multiple construction projects at the respective schools to deliver the tracks on time, safely.

Two of the four tracks were built in the spring of 2018, before the temperatures traditionally allow us to build tracks in the Northeast. Because of the warmer weather, we hope to work even more in the Carolinas in the future.