Sayreville High School, NJ

The introduction of turf fields completed changed the layout of many high school stadiums. Sayreville High School, for instance, installed turf more than a decade ago, and in the process, introduced new D-zones with track surfacing beyond each endzone.

But at the time of installation, the oval was left the same. So, the Bombers ran on an older black latex surface for years with new red D-zones with an embedded surface.

In 2019, it was finally time for Sayreville’s two-tone track to get a face lift. Along with Halecon, ATT Sports completely removed the existing oval and D-zones, milled and repaved the existing asphalt and installed a brand new “sandwich system” running track. During the process, we also addressed multiple sinkholes that had developed below the surface, leading to costly repairs over the years.

The process of completely removing and replacing a track can take up to a few months, but ATT Sports, Halecon and the school worked closely to develop a schedule that worked for everyone and got the facility ready for the fall season. Demolition of the old track began and the new asphalt was laid before the school’s graduation. The class of 2019 said good bye on the field, framed by new asphalt during the two-week curing period. ATT Sports then mobilized after graduation and completed the project in time for summer practices on the field, which was installed by Shaw Sports Turf the summer before.

The Bombers now have a top-flight running track that will last well into the next decade.