Riggin Field, East Rutherford, NJ

A lot of moving parts go into a facility refurbishment project, and as working through cooperative purchasing becomes more and more popular, projects like the one ATT Sports completed in 2019 at Riggin Field will become the norm more than the exception.

The park in East Rutherford was due for a turf replacement, but the track needed some attention as well. The town elected to procure the work through cooperative purchasing to streamline the process and save money. Separate contracts were awarded for different scopes of work, and with Becton High School calling Riggin their home for multiple sports, communication and coordination was key.

ATT Sports resurfaced the oval, including a large section that had sunken, creating a large track-wide puddle area on the front stretch. But with new runways being installed, we also had to work with the site contractor and turf company to ensure proper cure times were observed on some areas. All of this had to be done with an eye on the high school football season and the community’s desire to use their beloved park.

While the contract for the track resurfacing was just between the town and ATT Sports, we are proud to have unofficially partnered with Beckmeyer Engineering, Sanzari Construction, Shaw Sports Turf and Applied Landscape Technologies to ensure the project was completed safely, on-time and to the standard we expect of all of our jobs.