Parsippany Hills High School, NJ

Representatives from Parsippany Hills High School in Northern New Jersey first came to ATT Sports for track repairs. There were areas of delamination and the standard scuffs and patches. But there were also some concerning cracks in the asphalt in front of the home stands. Some remediation could be done to get the Vikings through track season, but it was time for a new surface.

Complicating matter was the fact that the high jump area and runways were replaced when the school installed new turf in recent years. Basically, three different parts of the track had a different diagnosis. Milling and repaving the entire oval would add necessary cost, and while the areas inside the oval were newer, the school still wanted them addressed as part of the project, so everything would be on the same resurfacing schedule and look great.

Along with the folks at Halecon – a frequent partner with ATT Sports – we prescribed the following; mill and repave the front stretch, remove and replace the surfacing on the oval and pole vault areas with a new Spurtan BV “sandwich system”, resurfacing the existing high jump area and runways. The school also wanted to go from a red to a black track, which was possible because the areas that weren’t being completely replaced would be covered with 5mm of polyurethane and rubber.

The school also elected to go with an encapsulated surface. This additional spray-applied polyurethane layer adds extra UV and wear protection while locking in the majority of the rubber granules. The finish is also a bit firmer than a traditional embedded surface, which some say is faster.

One more finishing touch was ordered to really make this project stand out. The lane lines were painted light blue, precision hand-matched on-site to be identical to the “V” logo in the center of the field. This is the type of attention to detail made possible by the fact that ATT Sports is the only track installer in the country with an in-house striper.

In all, the project at Parsippany Hills required the cooperation from a host of people with the school district and it was a success thanks to great planning, communication and teamwork. The Vikings now have one of the best running tracks in North Jersey, if not the entire state!