Hopatcong High School, NJ

One of the first questions schools often ask about their new running track is about available colors. When representatives from Hopatcong High School in Northern New Jersey asked about green, ATT Sports was more than happy to oblige.

And we are glad we did. The Chiefs are the new proud owners of a “signal green” Spurtan BV “sandwich system” running track that looks great and will perform for the next 10 to 12 years before it might need a new wearing course.

ATT Sports and Hopatcong are no strangers. We were contracted to respray the existing “mat and spray” track installed at the school back in 2012. Fast forward to this year; the track’s base was showing greater signs of wear and the decision was made to remove it completely, then mill and repave the asphalt to give the school a brand new track.

For the asphalt work, ATT Sports turned to longtime trusted partner, Halecon, who expertly put down a perfect base for our track surfacing to be installed atop.

We also cannot say enough about everyone with Hopatcong Public Schools, as the district was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.