Henrico County, VA

In recent years, ATT Sports has left its mark on one county in Northern Virginia. By the end of 2020, we will have installed six running tracks in Henrico County, VA, just outside Richmond.

While each project was certainly unique – the six tracks are in four different colors – there are common themes to each, including working alongside AstroTurf and being overseen by CHA Architects. Each installed track is the Spurtan BV “sandwich system” track that is the proven workhorse running track throughout the area where ATT Sports works.

All six projects included new turf fields and demanded great coordination between companies to ensure quality and timely installations. By the end of 2020, ATT Sports would have laid down more than 36,000 square yards of track surfacing in Henrico County since 2018. That’s more than 7 acres!

Great partners make for great finished projects and people in Henrico County, VA are practically surrounded by evidence of just that.