Hawthorne High School, NJ

In the summer of 2018, ATT Sports completely renovated the running track at Hawthorne High School in Northern New Jersey.

The Bears were running on a black latex surface with undulations and very little cushion for the athletes. Repair work had also resulted in unsightly patches, clearly unbecoming of such a highly regarded school. The asphalt under the latex surface was also in need of work.

Working with Halecon out of Hillsboro, NJ, we completely removed the existing surface, milled and repaved oval and long jump runway. But ATT Sports like to partner with schools, not just work there. During pre-construction conversations, the school expressed the desire to relocate the pole vault runway and flip the direction of the long jump. Together with Halecon, one runway was removed, another was built and the discuss pad was even replaced.

There were plenty of moving parts, but in the end, Hawthorne has an entirely new track, surfaced with APT’s Spurtan BV “sandwich system” in a stunning “rainbow blue” that sets the facility apart.

This project is also an example of working through cooperative purchasing. The school piggybacked off previously bid contracts and saved time and money by avoiding the lengthy bid process. They were also able to hand-pick ATT Sports because of it’s unsurpassed résumé and the expertise we have gained by building more tracks throughout New Jersey than any other company.