Clearview High School, NJ

Chalk up Clearview Regional High School in Southern New Jersey as a school that knows how to manage its facilities.

Officials reached out to ATT Sports in the spring of 2019 not because their running track was damaged or in disrepair, but because it was ready to be resurfaced. It’s a great example set by the Pioneers. After 10 to 12 years, an embedded track like the one at Clearview, should be resurfaced. Waiting for damage or delamination could mean a significantly higher cost than a simple resurface.

In the case of Clearview, ATT Sports was able to simply resurface the track, basically add 5mm worth of liquid polyurethane and rubber directly on top the existing surface. This is a step in the normal life cycle of a running track, and it’s best to have it done during that 10-12-year window instead of waiting when the need is greatest and costs could go up.

Adding the removal of the old track and the cost off building a new full-depth replacement can add hundreds of thousands of dollar to the cost of the project and the end result is no better than the prescribed resurface.