Big Spring High School, PA

In the summer of 2017, ATT Sports could not have been happier to be awarded the work to build a new running track at Big Spring High School in Newville, Pa. Not only were we excited to provide a premier running surface for the Bulldogs, but we were also working alongside a great design firm in Pennsylvania’s own Turf, Track and Court.

Through the years, ATT Sports and TT&C have partnered on multiple projects, and each one results with a first-rate track for the schools and the athletes who compete there. Big Spring was no different.

The Bulldogs take great pride in their football stadium, located at the middle school, but wanted a turf field and all-weather track for the other sports. TT&C designed and oversaw the construction of a facility that is as beautiful to look at as it is functional and built to last. The Spurtan BV “sandwich system” track surface will last the Bulldogs more than a decade before a simple resurface is called for.